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A New Way Of Life (in English)

In January 2020, the World Economic Forum (WEF) announced in the New Nature Economy Report that the loss of biodiversity and the collapse of the planet’s ecosystem are perceived as two of the greatest risks of impact on human survival, with a greater chance of happening when compared with terrorist attacks, infectious epidemics or cyber attacks.

While these last three events provoke reactions that mobilize on a global scale, we typically do not consider the possibility of the vital resources ending. The response of all of us – society, businesses, and government – has been slow, either because of unbelief concerning climate change or inertia, due to the size of the change to be faced and the interference of it in our most ingrained habits of life and consumption.

However, this “silent” and growing degradation, led by mankind over the past 200 years, has reached a level that can no longer be ignored. Since the UN Brundtland Report of 1987, passing by Eco-92 in Rio, calls have been made to mobilize governments, companies and civil society. For example, according to the WEF, the generation of US $44 trillions of economic value in the world – more than half of the world GDP – comes from the direct exploitation of resources of nature itself or services related to it. Not to mention that, ultimately, any economic activity depends, to a greater or lesser degree, on nature and, therefore, its continuous gradual loss of this heritage incurs a loss of economic value at all levels of human activity.

In the face of such evidence, the United Nations General Assembly declared the period from 2021 to 2030 as the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Until then, we must remove twenty-six giga-tons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and restore degraded ecosystems, to a standard that allows our planet to resume its condition of full regeneration.

To meet this agenda, the year 2020 will be marked by a series of initiatives aimed at promoting the awareness of the largest number of people for the arrival of the decade considered the most important of our existence.

LivMundi has been committed to this mission since 2016, democratizing issues related to socio-environmental causes in a simple and accessible language, with the purpose of awakening the awareness and urgency needed to change the behavior of the individuals, society, and organizations. We want to give visibility to stories and characters that inspire us in this huge challenge, so that other leaders and movements can multiply, reverberating the message to the reach and impact it needs. Throughout this journey, we made improvements in different territories, offered content on our social media and took over 30 thousand people to connect through multiple free experiences in the three editions of the LivMundi Festival.

One of the collaborators in this journey is the indigenous leader Ailton Krenak, a sage in his knowledge, both simple and profound. In a statement to LivMundi, Krenak argues that we humans are so disconnected from nature that we have come to the point of perceiving it as something external to us; as if we were not pores and cells of the great living organism that is the Earth.

The history of humanity confirms Krenak’s reflection. Towards development and evolution, we were led to a way of being and living that presents nature as something to be overcome. We have reached unquestionable improvements in the condition of human life, but we have deepened social injustices and contributed to this serious socio-environmental crisis. Faced with this reality, we have the duty, as creative and intelligent beings that we are, to rescue our connection with the planet by courageously embodying a new way of living and consuming, even if this impacts economic forces against.

And for that to happen and gain scale, it is essential that companies, starting with us, the individuals who compose it, rethink their value to society, rescuing their role in solving world problems. We need to establish a brand new mindset, a new culture that gives meaning to our existence.

We need everyone to start transforming the world.


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